Agnus Dei - a Booker DeWitt Fanmix → 8tracks

"Booker, are you afraid of God?"
"No, but I’m afraid of you."

01 Agnus Dei by Rufus Wainwright
agnus dei / agnus dei / que tollis peccata mundi 
lamb of god / lamb of god / you who take away the sins of the world

02 Reach a Bit Further by Wild Beasts
i was angry and brash as a bull / you were devastatingly beautiful / i was crude, i was lewd, i was rude, i was not in the mood

03 Milk & Black Spiders by Foals
oh i know you’re still with me / you’re my compass and my sea // ‘cause i’ve been around two times and found that you’re the only thing i need 

04 Growing Old is Getting Old by Silversun Pickups
maybe we’re sealed in silence / and maybe we feel a guidance / maybe your only vices / will keep you afraid and cold

05 Everybody Wants to Rule the World (BioShock Infinite Version) by Tears for Fears
it’s my own design / it’s my own remorse / help me to decide / help me to make the most of freedom and of pleasure / nothing ever lasts forever

06 Enchanting Ghost by Sufjan Stevens
tell me what you saw in me / and i’ll try to replicate it with a scene / if it troubles you to breathe / wait a moment; i could change the scenery 

07 Who Did That to You? by John Legend
now i don’t take pleasure in a man’s pain / but my wrath will come down like the cold rain / and there won’t be no shelter, no place you can go

08 Vanities by Charlotte Gainsbourg
you could have it all / you could pawn it off / you could learn to crawl / where you used to walk

09 Well I Wonder by The Smiths
gasping, dying, but somehow still alive / this is the fierce last stand, of all i am

*PS if anyone wants this zipped, let me know!

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